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Enterprise Wide Scanning Solution
In Government and Corporate America.
As Corporations and Government Agencys face new challenges every day, and the need for a clear, connected enterprise wide strategy is more important today than ever before. Corporations are looking for an enterprise-wide solution to address their document and content management needs for today and into the future. With reduced funding and resources, this enterprise system must provide a logical approach to expansion and scalability from one department to another, while providing a broad array of functionality to their users.
Both Government and Corporate America are beginning to take a long-term strategic approach to how they are viewing document and content management systems. They realize the added benefits to the integration of document management systems to their existing line-of-business application. This integration allows document retrieval by the end user, from within their business unit software application
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Intellidyne Business Systems has the experience in designing and developing enterprise wide scanning and content management systems.
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