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While trying to improve our popular recruiting consulting service called The Automatic Recruiter, it became evident that the time and cost of managing the employment process has become increasingly difficult over the past decade. Making the correct decision on who and why to hire is now critical to a successful business enterprise.  Knowing how and where to recruit the best talent can be surprisingly complex.

We believe we now have a solution to utilize modern technology more effectively, and substantially increase your chances for successful decision making. With its library of assessment tools, we truly believe we can reduce costs and utilize HR and recruiting resources more efficiently and effectively.
Screen and hire professionals from various disciplines, such as consultants, accountants and attorneys.
Utilize contractors on a regular basis
Recruit on college campuses
Conduct executive searches for clients
We would like an opportunity to discuss these products and services with you in more detail. There is no cost or obligation to you and in doing so, you may qualify for a $200 Certificate for Testing, which you can use to validate how successful these tools are.
Please call or contact us if you have any questions about this new service. In the meantime, please consider my request for an introductory testing.
 Recruiting Resource Tool
     This is especially true with firms who:
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