Intellidyne Business Systems
Innovative Information Science and Technology Services for today.
Matching your true business needs with the right technology. Services include planning and analysis, feasibility studies, RFP development, vendor selection and project management, to name a few.

Business Consulting Services can assist you with your long range strategic technology planning efforts. We successfully integrate your business needs with the proper technology tools and methodologies to keep you in a competitive position.
Strategic Planning
Feasibility Studies
Resource Planning
Web/Internet Strategy
Web Design and Development
Network Planning
Contingency Planning
Business Resumption
(Disaster Recovery)
Requirements Analysis
Software & Hardware
Vendor Selection
Software Package Implementation
Systems Integration Design
Technical Resources
Project Management:
Operations Analysis
Workflow and Process Analysis
Diagnostic Reviews
Feasibility Studies
Overhead Cost Reductions-Sourcing Strategies
Project Planning
Project Management
Cost Control
Project Facilitation
Training & Education
    Some of our past client engagements include:
Performance Improvement
If you are truly serious about improving performance and results, We work with your team to transform your operation and secure the highest return on investment (ROI) for your consulting dollars.
 Strategic Technology Planning and Analysis
Business Analysis:
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