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Custom LIMS helps research customers reach beyond the traditional four walls of the laboratory with solutions that enable information sharing. Custom LIMS has designed and utilized in data management and information production software for high throughput screening(HTS), and traditional manufacturing QA/QC. The Custom LIMS product stands out in the areas of: workflow process automation, open database modeling, and integration of multiple data sources into a single database. IBSI also offers services that ensure customer success, such as industry and technology consulting, implementation services, application training, and customer support services.
An HP Optimized Robot for Chemical Analysis (ORCA) system is used to automate the test. The automated approach slashes operator time, significantly reduces the cost of analysis, and multiplies sample throughput. Compared to manual testing, the robotic technique pays for itself in 13 months; compared to two semi-automated workstations, the return on investment is less than 18 months.
Works Overnight and Weekends: The automated system can process many different types of tablets, stored in capped vials on the robotic bench. User-friendly software screens allow the operator to set all necessary parameters easily: type of dissolution media, paddle speed, pH, sampling intervals, temperature, and the analytical method (UV-Vis or HPLC). Different methods may be linked without human intervention to run the system overnight, although the queue file may be modified at any time while the system is running.
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