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Innovative Information Science and Technology Services for today.
Provide a portfolio of senior services and product offerings that fully exploit the emerging Client/Server and WEB Markets.
IBSI will accomplish its mission, through its team of experienced consultants, by promoting its vision and focusing its efforts on:
Business engineering and applications development using Object Oriented technology. Information access, migration, and reporting strategies.
Groupware coordination strategies.
Network and desktop strategies.
      IBSI Strategic Business Consulting helps executives and managers learn, implement, and reinforce the systems, processes, and tools that improve business results. To ensure the greatest impact, strategic consulting services focuses on the key improvement areas indicated in a Strategy Execution Readiness Assessment, of which helps identify and prioritize areas that would most quickly and significantly contribute to an organizationís ability to execute strategy and achieve results.

Based upon an organizationís specific needs, IBSIís business strategy and consulting services target three important, high-level areas:
Does the organization have the systems, framework, and culture to sustain business results in the long term? This strategic business consulting area focuses on improving the framework for performance measurement and management, the entrenchment of the system within the organization's culture, and the capacity to adapt and change over time as the organization's strategy evolves. This involves such areas as process control, employee goal and compensation alignment, and budget integration, all of which ensure that strategy execution efforts, such as strategic prioritization and improvement, extend all the way to the people and the foundational elements that keep the organization functioning day to day.
With strategic business plan consulting from IBSI, you can ensure that your organization is on the right track, from top to bottom.
IBSI Strategic Business Consulting                                    Doing the Right Things (Prioritization)
Doing the Right Things Right (Improvement)
Is the management system tightly aligned to the organizational strategy at all levels? This area focuses on fine-tuning and/or extracting the most critical, actionable outputs from an organizationís strategic plan. Once the key pieces of the strategy have been articulated clearly, IBSI's Strategic Business Consulting helps build a framework that will help to deploy the strategy throughout the organization, ensuring vertical and horizontal alignment of organizational goals to the strategy, and business process alignment to strategy. Each of these areas will leverage the Balanced Scorecard framework to ensure prioritization and alignment.
Is the organization properly executing the activities that have been identified to achieve the new strategy? This area focuses on improving the alignment and management of strategic initiatives, also called strategic improvement projects. IBSI Strategic Business Consulting experts will help ensure that your organization knows how to focus its finite resources on the most critical strategic areas during the Prioritization stage, which have the most significant performance gaps. In addition to ensuring resources are properly focused, this stage also entails training organizational groups on systematic problem solving, which ensures that performance improvement teams have the skills they need to correctly identify root causes of performance problems, put an action plan in place, and ensure improvement occurs.
Ensuring Long-Term Results (Control)
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