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Our focus is the project plan we create with our clients and the methodologies we apply to identify the mission-critical areas to reach the established milestones. Our clients watch their ideas come together and their visions become tangible. At IBSI, our methodology is based on our six core competencies, to Plan, Analyze, Design, Develop, Test and Deploy every solution for our clients.

We view every relationship with our clients as a partnership. A successful solution depends on a successful partnership. We cannot implement a solution without the cooperation and feedback of both the client and the IBSI Solution Teams. We construct every solution in combination with strategic planning techniques, foresight, and innovation. We value our client relationships and focus on helping them grow. As their needs change, we are right there to take them to the next level.
Every solution we create evolves from an integrated evaluation process.

Our internal environment is divided into three teams - creative, developing, and technical. Each team focuses on their specific area of talent and contributes to the solution as relevant to their area of expertise. Our environment is open and collaborative and fosters innovative solutions. Our clients may work with one team or all three. The result is an Intellectual Solution, implemented with the IBSI's project team.
Implementation Methodology
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