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IBSI isn't a typical software vendor. Far from it. We’re practitioners of Enterprise Strategy Execution with hands-on experience developing and deploying strategic management frameworks, dashboards.

At IBSI we have gained a competitve by learning how new languages, tools and techniques work and discovering their limitations and uses, we are prepared when new business needs arise. We can quickly adapt and apply these new tools and techniques to provide the lowest cost, high productivity and longest lifespan of our automated solutions.

Before launching IBSI, our founders applied these business-redefining techniques to many of the world’s most successful organizations, helping them achieve superior results. Along the way they realized that, while these methodologies were superb, manually tracking and reviewing reports and Scorecards couldn’t produce the kind of immediate response critical in business today.

Thus, they developed software to help companies more quickly and more efficiently apply their proven management methods. The result is the preeminent web-based software system for Enterprise Strategy Execution, which is today the most widely deployed and successfully used software for execution of strategy.

Each IBSI Consultant is high ly experienced in areas of Enterprise Strategy Execution, including strategic dashboards, policy deployment, strategic planning, and quality management.
We understand how to get you through the tough work of distilling and communicating strategic objectives. We can help you establish the right structures, scorecards, and frameworks, identify key performance measures and, most importantly, show you how to apply them within your organizational culture to drive your most important outcomes.
Intellidyne Business Systems is a professional, cost effective management consulting service for the business and information technology communities. Typical engagements include: Information systems planning, analysis, design and development; operations process and workflow analysis; performance improvement, business automation planning; computer hardware and software evaluation, selection and implementation; project management and facilitation; internet and web site strategy; web design; network planning; financial and manufacturing systems; feasibility studies; cost containment; contingency planning. We now provide special consulting offerings for Small Business <small_business_services.htm>.
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A business without a strategy is a rudderless ship. No surprise there. But what is surprising is the number of organizations with a sound, viable strategy, but without a system for accurately plotting its course.

IBSI can help turn strategic plans into measurable action. Using our unique combination of strategic business consultants and software designed explicitly for Strategy Execution, you can resolve performance issues faster. Align every employee with your organization’s most critical objectives. Track leading predictive indicators to take action before bottom line results suffer. And allow executives and managers to spot critical Balanced Scorecard red flags and immediately pinpoint the problem anywhere in your organization.