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     Don Ramage is passionate about getting clients results by improving the way they deploy strategy, quality and performance excellence initiatives across their organization. Don has worked with and consulted for some of the world's largest corporations, including Comcast, Merck & Company, First USA, JP Morgan Chase, Astrazeneca, and SmithKline. His clients' achievements include patents, productivity inprovements
     In 1993, Don began to apply the incredible wealth of knowledge learned during his time as an independent consultant.

      As a consultant to First USA Corporation, for example, Don was able to help drive a technology confused 24 billion corproation to understand their internal technologies By doing so First USA was able to streamline their systems and facilitate improved data communications between strategic IT and Financial business units.
   President, CEO & Visionary    Don Ramage's Journey
     Don Ramage became immersed in performance excellence and strategy execution during his twenty-year consulting career. Throughout the 1990s and early 2000's, Don was instrumental in this the analysis design and developement of corporate-wide software system solutions, which paid off in  many ways for IBSI's clients.
   Sharing Ideas with Leading Companies    Intellidyne Business Systems is Born
    In 1993, Don went from external consultant to internal driver of Intellidyne Business Systems when he became President and CEO of a business automation software company. By applying business automation techniques, he helped drive dramatic performance improvements across many organizations and industries. This experience helped inspire the founding of suPerpstus Information Management Systems(SIMS).  SIMS is an organization providing intelligent information to the world dedicated to developing and deploying enterprise-wide software for corporations seeking to harness the power of information.
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