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Our clients represent fortune 100 and  500 company's.
Assisted a large but rapidly growing cable technology service provider in the evaluation and selection of the assimilation of a large cable company acquisition.  Assisted in the national capacity planning associated with 65 national markets.

Assisted in the cutting edge of tomorrow's digital communication technology company through ongoing research and development in the Cable Telecommunication Industry.

Defined the user and system requirements for a
centralized engineering and management reporting
system to be used by a large Cable Technology
Service leader.  Developed an implementation plan
to be included in the general design document.
Implemented the Design and Produced the System
to support engineering and financial c-level decision
makers.  Additional activities lead to and included
job-stream construction, user training, accounting and functional support.

Designed, coded and tested a management reporting package that provided financial and operational results on a monthly basis to the CFO and Executive Management of a major communications holding company.  The reporting system implemented an Accounting Audit reporting system targeted at analyzing Band width utilization leased from a Large Telco service provider.  This lead to an average of one million dollars saved per month. 
Telecommunication Sector
Telecommunication Technology
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